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Inertix Token ($INI) is a utility Cryptocurrency deployed on Binance smart chain (BSC) with a highly profitable business model, it is the native token of the Inertix.io decentralized platform which enables its holders to participate in available functions on the platform such as listed below;

Auction & Bidding

Incentivized NFT minting

Metaverse Game Online Gambling




Token info:

Token: INI

Platform: Binance Smart Chain

Type: BEP20

TOKEN SUPPLY: 400,000,000

Emission Rate: No new tokens will be created

Additionally: token burning function

Smart contract: 0x209A86Be8c571f66cbFf1bD39d5662CFcF9AFD90

ICO price:

Presale price 1: $0.05

Presale price 2: $0.15

Presale price 3: $0.35

Listing price : $0.55

Tokens for sale: 35%

1. Inertix Tokenomics Concept🛠

Inertix is a platform that combines useful and popular tools and solutions in the crypto world. This is a great place to create, invest, play, earn, trade, collaborate with like-minded people and improve your skills.

Project Inertix, based on its own token INI, is a protocol that combines the popular functions of decentralized applications into a single platform.

INI is a governance token. Community members have control over the Inertix protocol and the ability to vote on future updates.

Decision-making on all issues is assigned to token holders who can vote in proportion to the volume of tokens they own.

The token is intended to generate income from the activities of the Inertix platform, which allows its value to increase in proportion to the growth of the overall ecosystem. Inertix distributes commissions from exchange operations in liquidity pools, depending on the period of liquidity blocking and in proportion to the number of stake tokens.

INI tokens are also used to further incentivize liquidity providers and support the platform's ecosystem.

The token is a self-contained unit of value that Inertix uses to manage its business model and enables users to interact with Inertix products, contributing to the distribution of rewards and benefits to all parties.

The INI token is a full-fledged crypto asset, it can be used on other platforms and in other decentralized applications (dApps).

Inertix acts as a means of communication within the platform. All sales, purchases, payments, rewards on the Inertix platform are carried out only in INI tokens. Including, using INI tokens, are users rewarded, INI tokens serve as a measure of value when selling and buying NFT tokens.

INI tokens are the internal equivalent for all monetization programs created on the Inertix platform, serve as an internal unit of account, and are used for internal circulation in Inertix.

All rights of theINI token are fixed in its functional model.

2. Functional model of INI Token

The entire ecosystem is focused on creating and maintaining demand for the INI token. By developing the ecosystem, the community increases the demand for the token and ensures natural organic growth in value. Tokens allow you to monetize liquidity and distribute asset flow fairly among all members of the community.

The functional content of the INI token:

1. Utility token

Purpose: to provide the community with access to platform services.

Function: Token is an access key to financial services of the Inertix ecosystem.

2. Governance token

Goal: Involving the community in the accelerated development of the platform and the expansion of the ecosystem.

Function: Token is a platform management key that allows you to participate in the choice of project development directions and the introduction of new products.

3. Pay token

Goal: Formation of the Inertix economy.


a. Token as a measure of value: all commissions and prices on the platform are nominated in Inertix.

b. Token as a means of circulation: Inertix acts as a means of payment for any transactions within the platform. Inertix has high liquidity and can be instantly exchanged for another cryptocurrency in AMM pools on the platform and external platforms.

c. Token as an investment tool. The intrinsic value and transparent emission model allow the token to be used to receive a reward when used as a tool for generating liquidity and staking within the platform.

4. Fund Token

Objective: Funding the initial development of the Inertix platform.

Function: Attracting funding from the team at the initial stage of project development through an additional emission of 0.5% of the total emission of INI tokens on the platform.

3. Token Circulation Structure

Inertix has created and is continuously developing a self-stabilizing token circulation structure. It is based on the exact volume of emission of INI tokens without opportunities to increase the number of tokens in the future.

When building the internal economy of the platform Inertix, a monetary system for regulating the token rate is used, which allows ensuring predictable demand and balance the internal economic processes of the platform.

Payment services, the Сommission first, remuneration for content creation, and all forms of monetization within the platform will be nominated only token INI.

The growing volume from circulation supply to Inertix will be driven by the demand generated by the following flows:

1) staking of a token on the platform in order to generate additional income;

2) buying and providing a token to liquidity pools on the platform Inertix;

3) buying a token as a means of payment for purchasing platform services and NFT assets on the Inertix marketplace

4) holding a token by community members;

5) purchasing and providing Inertix into pools and staking liquidity pools on the outer platforms;

6) using INI as a government token. The involved community and a significant number of projects put up for voting create a demand for the token in order to increase the voice in decision-making.

Thus, the stability of the internal economy of Inertix is ensured by the monetary model of the token, which is formed by transparent emission and an increase in the volume of services.

4. Token Emission Model

The total final supply of INI tokens will be 1 billion INI, they are being introduced into circulation in stages.

When constructing the internal economy of Inertix key aspects of the model to be created and factors affecting the price of Inertix token must be taken into account. The formal form of the relationship between the utility of key services and the price of token Inertix will be expressed through the standard exchange equation:

MV=PQ, where M is the total market value of a Inertix circulating supply (Market Cap = Current Price x Circulating Supply),

V is the circulation rate of tokens in the Inertix ecosystem,

P is the utility of the platform's key products, tools and services,

Q is the cumulative volume of transactions within the Inertix platform.

To maintain a fair distribution of tokens, the key issue will be aimed at rewarding liquidity providers. In addition to the commission share, liquidity providers will be rewarded with INI tokens.

The maximum reward will be directed to liquidity pairs that include the INI token in order to support initial demand and stimulate community growth. The amount of remuneration is set at 100,000 INI per day and will be halved monthly until it reaches 50,000 INI per day.

5. Monetizing Inertix

The INI Token can be seen as a token with a dual soul, it can be used throughout the Inertix metaverse, intended for holders only, or purchased and stored passively waiting to rise in value and obtaining a huge profit.

Each INI token represents a share in the profits of Inertix. At Inertix, the native token acts as a proof of ownership of a percentage of future distributions.

Simply hold INI tokens in your wallet and receive your BUSD Dividends with auto-claim feature. Over time, your wallet will increase — no need to claim, stake, or farm! Enjoy holding your INI!

Withdrawal and exchange of INI will be possible in our projects Inertix Casino, Inertix Planet, Inertix SWAP. Play, Win, Withdraw your profits in any cryptocurrency. Our mission all metal will constantly expand, adding not only our own projects, but also those of our private partners.

Buying and selling INI is possible on Uniswap and PancakeSwap. CEX Listing with Tier1 Exchanges like Kucoin, Gate.io, Huobi Global

6. Key Takeaways

1. INI is a governance token. The development of the platform is under the control of token holders with 50% + 1% INI.

2. The entire Inertix ecosystem is focused on creating and maintaining demand for the INI token. Any activity on the platform should be focused on creating demand for the token.

3. The key parameters for maintaining a stable project economy are Total Value Locked (TVL), emissions (INI), Circulating Supply (INI), community size (Users).

4. Total Value Locked (TVL) of the project, not including the cost of INI tokens, must not be lower than 80% of the market capitalization of INI tokens.

5. Changes in token emission volumes should be rigidly tied and proportional to TVL growth.

6. The model is adaptive, key parameters can be adjusted at any stage of the project development.

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